Kaggle Tutorial Pathway & Pacing

Your Learning Strategy

Develop a learning strategy that works for you. Consider the points below as you plan your work.

  • What days of the week and times of the day do you intend to make progress? Consider when access to a computer and the internet is consistent, and recognize where the environment (e.g. noise-level and table space) is conducive to getting things done.

  • Who are your advocates? Of course the Industry Connect team is advocating for you, but you will want others to cheer you on with your effort and progress in this program. Plan to share your progress with a family member, coach, or teacher. They will likely remind you to stick with it and see it through.

  • Don't hesitate to find help. Be quick to ask for help on Slack or during our Friday meetings -- whether you have technical questions or you are facing some other hurdle. Lean on your advocates for help and encouragement.

Sequence & Pacing Guide

There are 17 short courses available from Kaggle. Each short course earns a certificate.

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