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The Industry Connect program intends to raise awareness and provide hands-on experience in career paths related to 1) robotics and 2) data analytics for high school students in the Arlington community of Indianapolis. After students engage the introductory material, they can choose to follow one or both program tracks to learn and practice entry-level skills that provide an on-ramp to engaging industry opportunities, like internships and further certifications.

Data Analytics

The primary focus of the data analytics path will be coaching and pacing students through the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. (Video)

  • $92,000+ median U.S. salary for Data Analytics¹

  • 483,000+ U.S. job openings in Data Analytics¹

  • 75% of certificate graduates report positive career outcome²

¹Lightcast™ US Job Postings (median salary with 0-5 years experience), Jan. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022). ²Positive career outcome (e.g., new job, promotion, or raise) within six months of completion. Based on program graduate survey, United States 2022. Excerpt from 1/11/24:


This program will focus on training with a collaborative robot (cobot) -- specifically the Techman Cobot. (Video)

"one of the strongest robotics trends in 2023 is the rise of collaborative robots – a class of automated machines dubbed cobots, which are designed to work alongside humans and can accurately perform repetitive tasks."

Source: What are cobots used for? Robotics trends in 2023,

Program Format

Weekly In-Person Sessions

The program begins with five months of weekly in-person sessions, where students will engage content and exercises with instructors from January to May of 2024. Depending on the student track, these sessions will focus on:

  • hands-on experience with a collaborative robot to acquire a customized entry-level certification that prepares them for further industry-level certification as an operator or technician.

  • hands-on experience with data analytics techniques using spreadsheets and SQL that provide a jump start in skills and an on-ramp to coursework leading to the Google Data Analytics Certification.

Coaching with the Google Data Analytics Certification Coursework

Instructors will provide coaching with online certification pathways, like the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, to help students with motivation, pacing and overcoming any hurdles with the content. Support will be provided during the weekly in-person sessions as well as through an online messaging platform, like Slack, throughout the week. Coaching will guide students to achievable and valuable progress, whether that is a complete certification or partial completion that can then be continued through later months.

Curated Online Program Material

Curated online program material will also be available for students to review concepts and explore topics further through readings, video, or tutorials. This will also include carefully customized conversation chatbots that supports deeper learning instantly that is coherent with the in-person learning experience.

Education and Career Planning

Throughout the program students will be provided guidance and instructions on preparing a personalized plan for learning and career objectives, including a pathway to entry-level experience with internships.

Internship Preparation

The program staff will be actively seeking local opportunities for internship experiences for the summer of 2024. The training will be adapted to best meet the needs of local entry-level opportunities. Students will also be provided support and coaching throughout any summer experience.

Learning Objectives

Robotics Track

  • demonstrate proficiency in operating a cobot to complete tasks commonly found in industry settings

  • demonstrate conversant skills with concepts related to the applications, safety, and mechanics of robots

  • investigate and develop a personal plan for career preparation related to robotics

Data Analytics Track

  • demonstrate proficiency in core technical skills related to spreadsheets and SQL

  • demonstrate conversant skills with concepts related to the applications and techniques of data analytics

  • investigate and develop a personal plan for career preparation related to data analytics



Given the limited number of sessions in the program, consistent attendance is of utmost importance. Absences will affect the level of progress negatively. It is the responsibility of the student to promptly communicate any absences and request pathways for staying on track with the program.

Behavior and Academic Integrity

Students are expected to:

  • Be present and engaged during all sessions - no distractions from phones, side conversations, etc.

  • Listen respectfully when others are speaking and follow all instructions.

  • Handle equipment and technology with care - no horseplay or misuse.

  • Work cooperatively with your group - take turns, share tasks, and help each other.

  • Clean up work areas and put away all equipment properly after sessions.

  • Follow all safety protocols.

  • Ask questions when unclear about instructions or unfamiliar with equipment.

  • Be honest in your work - do not copy others or misrepresent your contributions.

  • Treat instructors, volunteers, and fellow students with courtesy and respect at all times.

  • Any damage to equipment, inappropriate use or poor behavior may result in loss of program privileges.

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