Cobot Project

Prototyping a Process

Let's use our cobot skills to prototype a process. This will be a team effort — teams of two or three.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate skills programming the cobot

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the cobot capabilities

  • Develop a prototype process that investigates the feasibility of an idea.


A challenge will be presented to teams that involves packaging products into a container in an efficient and repeatable manner.

1. Brainstorm Solutions to the Challenge

  • Determine the resources need to demonstrate the idea What additional materials will you need? Are they attainable or easily constructed?

  • Develop a plan for execution This could be a combination of a simple outline, drawing, and/or diagram. Use paper or whiteboard (take a photo).

2. Implement the Plan

  • Implement, step-wise, your plan Once you have the needed materials. Test your plan in chunks. Experiment as needed.

  • Refine your solution Consider how to make your solution more robust and elegant.

3. Prepare to Present your Prototype Process

  • Determine how the team can contribute Get everybody involved in a short demonstration.

    • Background of Project

    • Demonstration

    • Challenges and Recommendations for Improvement

  • Practice and Record Video

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